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Welcome to Student Services!

My name is Janeth Plata Prada and it is my privilege to serve as the Coordinator of Student Services at  the Colegio Panamericano not only because it is my passion, but also because I enjoy  the company of our students and talented staff members  who keep me  energized all the time and looking consistently ahead into the future.

We hold the philosophy that each student comes with strengths, talents and potential. Our students represent our hopes and dreams and we are indeed happy to work to ensure that they are given the best educational support and experiences to face present and future challenges.  Creating safe learning environments where students are able to flourish academically while boosting their self –confidence and self - image, is essential for academic and social-emotional growth to take place.

Since arriving  at the Colegio Panamericano in 1992,  I have had the opportunity to experience and to grow as  an educator in an progressive educational community that is  committed to continuous improvement to prepare students for a quality university life and successful life. Though much has changed over the years, its vision continues emphasizing its commitment to meet the challenges of an ever-changing world:  “We envision our graduates as socially responsible, adaptable, life-long learners and leaders capable of passionately pursuing their dreams.”  Every staff member at Student Services is willing to work passionately to synchronize and harmonize efforts to instill this vision, to serve the best interests of the community and to move ahead.

My philosophy of education and educational leadership takes inspiration from different sources. It comes from my training and experience in the field. It is also woven together from my personal life, my continuous reflection, my years as a teacher, coordinator, my life as a citizen and as a woman as well as my studies in pedagogy and human development. This philosophy is evolving since it represents my individual evolution. I seek to practice what I know to be effective and appropriate, to reflect upon what works and what does not, and to change when change is needed.  There are five main elements that I focus on in my leadership of the Student Services:

  • Valuing a student’s identity is of high importance in education. Positive attitudes both inside the classroom and out are crucial to maintaining a healthy community for the students and staff.
  • The keys to facilitating learning for today’s students rests on our own ability to treat the daily experience as a work in progress and not a well-rehearsed presentation that we have perfected over the years.
  • Redefining educational practices and supporting student-centered learning requires deeper reflection and risk – taking. We need to exposure ourselves as the life – long learners we truly are.
  • The foundation of effective leadership is personal integrity. Actions serve as an example for others and must be based upon honesty, respect and fairness.
  • People  perform to the best of their abilities if they know you believe in them and care about them. It is the human factors that give life to a school.

My invitation for us as a community is to continue unlocking the potential and to keep in mind  educators are part of a bigger picture in the lives of our students.  I also look forward to exploring your connection to the success of our students.
Thank you for taking the time to visit our website and for you interest in Colegio Panamericano and its section Student Services. Please contact us to schedule an appointment to learn more about our services and programs.


Janeth Plata Prada
Student Services Coordinator
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